OCD in Australia

In Australia 20% of the population will experience some form of a mental illness in their life, that is 1 in 5 people that you walk past in the street. This can range from substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) to more life threatening issues like depression which can take a toll on a person's life completely leading to things like suicide.

OCD is an anxiety disorder that takes ocer 2.5% of Australia's population, and although this is most common in teenage years and above , it has also been proven to progress in early childhood. There is also a high risk with OCD in first degree relatives

Where YOU can find help

  • Reachout.com provides information on OCD and places that are available for you to call to figure out the next step for your recovery. Reachout.com also provides people with an open discussion usually centred at the bottom of the page so you can talk to others that may be in the same position as you.
  • sane.org is another website that helps with detailed information about OCD and has a list at the bottom of the page that shows places where you can find more information. Sane.org also helps with teaching people how to cope and live around having OCD.
  • recconexion.org is a website with detailed acts on anxiety disorders and has its own call centre where you can call and ask for help or talk to some personally. recconexion.org focuses on psychological counselling you can call 1300 27 32 66 or visit: