Monk is an everyday investigator ( murder, forensics ) all that type of thing, except Mr Monk suffers from OCD. if he touches one street light , he must touch the rest. He has exactly 4 copies of the same suit and that is all he wears.
He hates mess and dirt and is very precise and accurate. If he does something wrong he must do it again and again until he gets it right. Fortunately for him, he is quite smart and his OCD has a positive and that is to help him in some way with all of his cases.
Over the show we see that the fact that Mr Monk has OCD works to benefit him and he only ever uses it as a gift.

In this clip its obvious tha the music is in the perspective of monks head and the lyrics describes what its like to feel like Monk, in other words , what its like to have OCD and all the things that would go through his head. the lyrics to the song empathizes with those that suffer from OCD describing how they see the world and how the world see's them.

Some of the lyrics that show reference to OCD are:
  • "people think i am crazy cause i'm worried all the time" ( this relates to the fact that not mnay people in the community and society are willing to accept OCD, and are becomming sterotypical, many people with OCD tend to be categorised as mad or crazy)
  • "Its a jungle out there" ( this refers to how people with OCD may think of the world

the focal point of this clip is Monk as he is the one suffering from OCD so most of the clip shows him and how he reacts to OCD.